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Thank You Natalee for All You Have Done

You are truly an angel. Watching you grow is pure joy. You gave me the time to heal that I so desperately needed. There was no way I could have continued caring for our critters with this foot injury. Thank you so very much. Into week four of the broken ankle is so much better …

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My strength is returning more every day

Recovering from surgery is taking a bit longer than I imagined. If you've ever had surgery before, you know how it zaps your strength and know what I mean. More than my inventory getting low, I miss making soaps. Working with my essential oils is a super big part of enjoying the soaps. And right …

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Barn Cleaning Update

Sigh ... what a job. I set the standard way too high -- again. I exhaust myself sometimes. Not to mention what that standard does to my helpers. But Don is an incredible sport. Guess he's used to me and my modalities. Anyway, MOST of the items have been returned to the barn. But I'm …

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We’re taking a ‘barn cleaning’ break

It's been long over due but we're cleaning the big barn. It's entirely too dirty to house newborns, and out of the question dirty for milking; we need 'sanitary' in the milking area. So, for the first time ever, I'm taking time out from making our goat milk soaps so I can get ready for …

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