We’re taking a ‘barn cleaning’ break

It’s been long over due but we’re cleaning the big barn. It’s entirely too dirty to house newborns, and out of the question dirty for milking; we need ‘sanitary’ in the milking area. So, for the first time ever, I’m taking time out from making our goat milk soaps so I can get ready for the upcoming delivery and milking seasons. In the past I’ve continued making soaps while maintaining the barns but have found it a bit overwhelming to do it all.


It looks like we might of been wrong about
his liking the barn as much as we do.

But we have muscle to help this season. Our son Don is staying with for a while so naturally his Dad and I are thinking of ways to keep him entertained. And, since we love hanging out in the barn, we thought he’d like that, too.

Yesterday, Don and I emptied the human side of the barn. With everything OUT of the barn we began power washing the walls and the most of the equipment. Today we’ll be finishing this task, have everything power cleaned and back in place.

Here are a few pictures of our stuff::

View from the barn front door,
overlooking the manure/compost pile.


Continued view from barn
front door of more ‘stuff’.


Yup, even more stuff OUT
of the barn. Gotta throw ‘stuff’ away.


 Inside view looking toward
the back of the human area.


Looking toward the milking area.
In milking area looking out the front door.


Inside view looking out the front doors.


Looking toward the north side.

Now all we gotta do is get this CLEAN stuff back in the barn where it goes.

Stay tuned … .


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