Our Story

Gran’ Nanny’s Goat Milk Soaps was born out of love for our goats and their milk in 2005. Goats are incredible creatures. Each has its own personality and preferences and they’re not shy about letting you know what they want — and don’t want. You’ll know.

Once you’ve tasted goat milk you’ll want to know more about its miracle. Through Gran’ Nanny’s Goat Milk Soaps, we’re discovering those miracles one product at a time.

My husband Bob and I own/operate a small Nubian diary goat herd in Stanly County, North Carolina. We raise Nubians mostly for their milk but we do sell one from time to time. With their milk I make goat milk bath and beauty products. Most of our products were either sold online or through our retail dealers.

Once you’ve used soap made with goat milk, you’ll always remember the soft, creamy feeling of your skin. Helping my skin stay soft is why I specialize in making goat milk bath soaps and beauty lotions.

While Gran’ Nanny’s Goat Milk Soaps began in 2005, it continues today — but with a few growth changes. The only thing that has changed is its name. Now known as Farm Craft Studio Soaps, all our soaps are still hand made with milk from our own goats and uses only premier food quality oils.

The name Farm Craft Studio (FCS) fits better into our overall operation because we produce more than goat milk soaps now. Goat milk soaps was our first product but we’ve grown to include a variety of farmstead products and crafts. Please visit our sites listed in the right hand column for more information.


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