Mission Statement

LesterMinnie20031-3Our Mission is to make farm crafts with the help of our farmstead animals and gardens.

  • Goat milk soaps come from our dairy goats,
  • Eggs from our chickens;
  • Compost from our goats and horses;
  • Honey, beeswax, and pollinator garden products; and
  • “How-to” techniques and ‘lessons learned’ during our transition from seasonal gardens to year-round permaculture.

The Farm Craft Studio is the main site hosting information about our farmstead products: goat milk soap and lotions, fresh eggs, compost tea bags, honey bee products, and permaculture approach.

  • Farm Craft Studio Soaps is the brand name of my first company that began as Gran’ Nanny’s Goat Milk Soaps (GNGMS) and contains data and photos about our skin care products. I say ‘our’ because without the goats, none of it would be possible.
  • Farm Craft Studio Boss Bags is the name of our aged all-natural goat and horse compost tea bags. I select only ‘sweet spot’ compost that has been gracefully aged for over five years in the heart of Poop Mountain.
  • Lazy Layers identifies our farm fresh eggs from cage-free birds as well as other chicken agendas.
  • Heaven’s Hill Honey and Pollinator Gardens site shows our honey bees, the products we make with their beeswax. The hive surrounding Pollinator Gardens are in the process of being transitioned to year-round permaculture gardens.

Be on the lookout for future products too because I’m also interested in metal arts, welding, as well as kinetic and gardening arts.