Existing Corner Garden

Most all plants surrunding our home have been in place since about 2003, three years after we moved in. We began from scratch because the previous owner hadn’t planted anything. What could be better? Well, being city girl who had never landscaped anything in her life, I was overwhelmed. The hubster has a similar background, even though he is an architect, he had never designed a landscape before either.

As described on the Redesigning landscape to all Native Plants page, the design theme is based on Feng Shui principles. Colors for the corner garden are red and purple: Nandina was selected for it’s brillient red berries and folage while the camillea was seleted for it’s brillient red flowers.

At the time I was unaware of the native plant concept nor did I know anything about their value to ecology. Again, Master Gardeners not only taught me the termonology but introduced me to a new field of study — Native Plants, which is leading me to learn more about wildlife habitat needs. Did I mention that Master Gardener is just the beginning of learning and inspiration?

In transforming our landscape, we had to access our current plants. Below is a photo of our corner garden. Sadly, everything must go except the spirea (which is under the honeysuckle) and the bay bush (which is used for cooking but may have to be transplanted to a pot because it is from the mediterranean.)

Bedroom garden

The garden is gathering place where we enjoy a small fire, sip on a glass of wine, and enjoy being outside. Hidden behind the nandina is a large circular horse trought which at one time had a solar lit fountain in the center. It’s now planned to be an aquaponic garden come spring. Having lived here for almost twenty years, our garden functions have changed more than once; based on my degree of knowledge on living in the country as well as our ever-changing needs and goals.

The shed between the two windows is one of my garden sheds. I like having tools stored  near where I use them instead of having to trek back and forth to the garage where they used to be stored. There’s a story here but that’s for a different time.

After I finish clearing the flame bush area, I’ll start with the corner garden or the privets. Haven’t made up my mine yet. In this corner of the house, the redbud is the ONLY plant that stays. The hollywood juniper and all the privets much go. Ugh!

Yes, it’s a daunting task but we believe the work is worth it for the sake of our wildlife.


I’ll keep you posted.

Screaming Spirit Woman

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