Thank You Natalee for All You Have Done

You are truly an angel. Watching you grow is pure joy. You gave me the time to heal that I so desperately needed. There was no way I could have continued caring for our critters with this foot injury. Thank you so very much.

Into week four of the broken ankle is so much better than the first few weeks. Walking without crutches is easier than trying to maneuver with them. Now I just wobble along with Big Foot. But that’s a good thing.

Most of the pain has subsided so I’m pretty much to doing what I had been doing … except for … just a few things. Like standing several hours a day, walking in the barn, getting up slopes is a challenge, and going up and down steps is a hoot but Big Foot protects the ankle nicely. Together we make it around the ranch pretty well. I just have to be super careful not to fall again.

To that end, we have ordered more rock so we can expand a walkway in the chicken area. No more muddy, slippery spots. However, the chickens do make that challenging because of the way they love to dig. Those chicken holes do cause problems, don’t they. But they are signs of happy chickens.

Once the tractor was started, it’s business as usual. But to start it I have to use my left foot to hold down the clutch. THAT smarts so I’ve learned how to start the tractor with my right foot (not a good idea but necessary). Whew, at first we thought the tractor was broken because it wouldn’t start. Nope, it was just that I couldn’t press the clutch in as far as I used to. Sigh … figured it out though.

The family has been an incredible support (no pun) throughout this ordeal. Soon, boys, soon I’ll be back to normal. Ah hummm, my definition of normal.

I’ve missed working with the animals, they being so much pleasure to my life. Love them all.

Natalee, thank you for caring for them so well while I was unable. They all look good thanks to your tender care.

Please keep in touch. I love watching you grow. Keep smiling and study, study, study.

Love always,


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