My strength is returning more every day

Recovering from surgery is taking a bit longer than I imagined. If you’ve ever had surgery before, you know how it zaps your strength and know what I mean.

More than my inventory getting low, I miss making soaps. Working with my essential oils is a super big part of enjoying the soaps. And right now, I could use a double-whammy dose of lavender to reduce my stress.

I’m stressing out about having carcinoid cancer. But I need to move on and start enjoying every moment instead.

I’ve been reading about cancer-fighting foods and, for the most part, like the foods that have been recommended. Bob went to the grocery store on Saturday with list in hand. So, we now have plenty of veges and fruit that we’ve been slacking on. Yes, he gets to change his food selections, too.

Maybe I’ll go to the factory tomorrow and sweep. That’ll help get me in the mood.

More later, Pat


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