Take Me Away Chocolate Melody Soap Pie

Life could give you a pie in the face or you could grab that pie, slice it into smaller pieces, then use it to your advantage. Sure that’s a metaphor but we’ve made it possible for you to have life your way.

Take that piece of pie and bathe with it. Rub nature’s richness over your skin as you inhale the aromatic fragrance of chocolate and imagine life on your terms.Savoring a glass of wine while bathing with chocolate soap pie would make the evening so much better.

Beginning with my Old Fashion Goat Milk base, I then added Chocolate Fragrance Oil and real cocoa powder for color. After setting in the new pie mold, this soap pie will sweep you away from your daily exasperation into a bath of bliss.

Topped with pipped goat milk soap and sugar pearls and golden sugar flakes (do NOT EAT these decorations), this soap pie looks as luxurious as you’ll feel after soaking in a tepid bath.

Here is a closeup of my new soap pie. Each piece weighs about 7 ounces..

Available with a choice of two packages:  (1) Cello bag or (2) clear plastic gable box that is perfect as a gift.

(1) Cello bag; OR …


… (2) in clear plastic gable box that is perfect as a gift

Prices will be available soon. Please check back with this blog.


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