Boss Bags Filled with Mature Manure — Compost Tea Bags

Our barnyard manure has been aged for at least three years, sifted at least three times, then packed into muslin bags. Our goats and horses contributed to this manure pile (aka Poop Mountain) so we can attest to it’s authenticity and validity.

Directions for Use

All you need to do is soak one tea bag in one gallon of water for three days. Then you may either discard the used tea bag or mix it in with your garden soil; I recommend mixing it in with your garden soil. Muslin is a natural fiber that will decompose and return to the earth.

At this point, the manure tea is still too strong for your garden so please dilute it to a 4 to 1 ration. For example, to this one gallon of manure tea, add four gallons of water. Mix thoroughly. Once diluted, this mixture is ready for your garden watering.

It is recommended to NOT apply directly to food crops. Instead, sprinkle generously to the soil surrounding your food crops. Landscape plants welcome the tea’s gentle richness.


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