New Goat Milk Soap Designs from Gran’ Nannys’ Goat Milk Soaps

Take Me Away Chocolate Melody @ $7.00 each

 Take Me Away Chocolate Melody Soap Pie

Beginning with my Old Fashioned Goat Milk Soap base I added chocolate fragrance oil with swirls of darker soap colored with cocoa. The topping has been piped on top with a pastry bag then sprinkled with pearl-looking sugar sprinkles.

Take Me Away Chocolate Melody @ $7.00 each

Please do not eat the sprinkles, you won’t like the taste but they dissolve gracefully during your bath.

Inhaling the aroma of chocolate isn’t fattening so you can enjoy the chocolate’s essence to your heart’s content.

Another way of looking at this soap is by turning it and viewing it as a Christmas tree, chocolate, of course. My MIL (mother-in -law) noticed that. Thanks, Essie. Way to go.


Skiddy’s Splash About at $8.00 each

Skiddy’s Splash About
Another dream child of mine is Skiddy’s Splash About. Skiddy floats! What a fun bath for children of all ages. That is unless they still put soap in their mouth. Not a good idea. This soap begins with my Old Fashioned Goat Milk Soap base with saponified oils of soybean; cottonseed, olive; palm kernel, coconut, and corn; goat milk; shea butter; glycerin and sugar sprinkles.

Last weekend I introduced these new products at the Best of Badin Festival in Badin, NC. It’s a good thing I have plenty of rubber duckys because my customers bought almost all of them. I’ll definitely be making more of them this week.

Mini SoapCakes
I’m still playing/working with my newest molds and forms. These new mini soap cakes are so much fun, I made bazillions of them.

Min SoapCakes at $2.25 each

I was looking for shapes/molds that would fit in the human hand when these silicone cupcake molds came up in my search field.

The pink ones are scented with ylang-ylang essential oil whereas the green ones are contain patchouli essential oil. No wonder pastry chefs are such happy people. I had no idea that pipping would be so much fun. This technique opens a whole new world of designs. I can hardly wait to get back to the factory. Although it’s more like an artist’s studio now. What fun I’m having. My imagination is roaring with excitement thinking about your responses.

Like Skiddy’s Splash About, my Best of Badin Festival customers bought quite of few of these mini soap cakes as Christmas presents. What a fun idea.

These soaps are not on my websites yet but will be soon. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in them, please let me know so I can hold them back so I won’t take them to the Holiday festivals.


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