The things we do for our critters

Being snowed in isn’t so bad. That is IF you have enough supplies. At our place that means hay for our critters. Good news/bad news: today is the last day of our hay. Guess I’ll be venturing out tomorrow or later this afternoon.

With that being said, it’s been wonderful just hanging out with everyone. The hubster is feeling better; I’m proud of him for getting so much rest. He’s the kind who would work till he drops because stuff needs doing. Really. Get some rest. That ‘stuff’ will be there when you feel better. I promise.

I can NOT imagine any chore/project that needs doing … except feeding everyone and milking the goats. Although I, too, have checked on the livestock when I’m dragging. Bet you folks with critters know what I’m talking about. I get flu shots now so I don’t worry so much about being wiped out.

I remember one time I was so ill I asked Bob if he’s go milk the goats. I physically could not walk, had a fever and ached everywhere. We’ve all had that nasty flu. You know what I mean.

Mind you, he hadn’t milked before; that’s always been my chore. But like a champ, he bundled up and went outside while I slept. But after a while, I woke up noticing that he hadn’t come back in. Even with me being so ill, I could tell he’d been gone too long. Way too long.

I bundled up then drug myself to the barn only to find that he was still working on his first goat. Boy was she pissed. Seeing the look on both of their faces helped me decide to take on the milking, even with my fever.

Bob agreeded to handle the goats while I stayed sitting on the milking stand and just milk. I don’t remember how many goats needed milking that day. But to this day, I remember the look on Minnie’s face. She was mad. Yes, goats do get mad and they do show it.

Let me know when you see a mad goat. It’s a face you’ll remember for ever.


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