Merry Christmas, Everyone

Merry Christmas, Everyone. What a perfect morning. Husband is still sleeping. Poor baby came down with the flu a couple of days ago so we’ve postponed our family Christmas until he feels better.

Two of the dogs are playing next to my desk. Lilly and Meister are almost non-stop playing machines. They’ll play a while then chew of their Kong toys for a while then go back to playing. Watching them makes me laugh and calms my heart.

The other two dogs are feigning sleep under my desk … waiting for me to make a move into the kitchen. My coffee is cold but I’m going to make them wait just a bit more. No, I don’t give them a treat every time I go into the kitchen, although I have been known to drop a crumb or two on the floor. It’s just a coincidence that the crumbs resemble dog treats.

The cats are just now starting to wiggle. They live in a large crate in my office. Being up high, they can look down on the dogs; and everyone else for that matter. We have four cats. Sigh, they all started out being barn cats because we have so many mice eating the goat/horse grain. But then it got wet so I moved their bed/food  into the barn; then it got cold so I moved their bed/food into the garage/basement; then it got to be freezing so I moved their bed/food into the house. The rest is history. The cats will never be put outside again; there are too many dangers out there for my little guys.

Guess we’ll need a feral cat who can’t be caught to be the barn cat. Sigh … .

Merry Christmas, Everyone. May you hold close to your heart the ones you love.

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