Soap Gentle Enough for Your Mother’s Skin

Many of you have asked: “What’s in this soap that will help my ________?” Fill in the blank. Everyone has issues with their complexion, their elbows, ankles, heels, face or their dry skin.

Personally, I have light skin that sunburns easily. But first I freckle, Hey, I like my freckles so — bring ’em on. But my mother, bless her heart, has hated her freckles for 87 years. Can you imagine how miserable she must be by hating her skin that long? Her skin is, after all, contains her very being.

Goat Milk Olive Oil Soap

That’s another reason why I decided to make goat milk bath and beauty products. Helping her be happier with her skin MIGHT help yer realize how adorable her freckles are. The jury is still out on this one; but, I could keep you posted.

My mother-in-law (94), on the other hand, has skin that bruises quite easily, along with being dry and very delicate. With both of our mom’s having delicate, thinning skin, I needed a soap that would cleanse their skin without damaging it further. Since I’ve been a researcher for decades, I started investigating what makes some soaps gentle versus what makes other soaps more harsh.

To discuss my findings would require more time/space than we have here. But suffice it to say, I found that a well-balanced soap is a requirement. Too much of some oils may dry your skin (hard to believe but true), while others may leave a greasy film on your skin.

I’d already research the benefits of goat milk in soap; so, I knew it would be helpful. The key points being that goat milk fats and proteins are transformed during the soap making process and thus leave a nutritious, moisturizing barrier on your skin. But which oils would enhance the goat milk even more?

All this research led me to develop my Nurture Collection. It has goat milk, olive oil, shea butter and sodium hydroxide. Goat milk contains nutrients, olive oil brings its healing ingredients, shea butter melts at body temperature and carries the benefits into your skin more readily. While sodium hydroxide is mandatory when making soaps, it too is transformed during the soapmaking process and is no longer in it’s caustic form. It’s my job to make sure I put just enough lye but not too much.

My Nurture Collection is gentle enough for my mother’s skin (87) as well as my mother’s-in-law skin (94). Skin that bruises easily, is thinning, very delicate and dries all too easily needs all the protection and nurtured as possible. Both of our mom’s use my products. I figure that if I can get my parents to use my product, I must be doing something right. Have you noticed this, too?

Mother likes my soap but she still isn’t too crazy about her freckles. Some things just take longer to alter than others … don’t they.

Happy bathing, Pat


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