Who is GraNann?

It’s every grand mother. In my case, it’s a combination of Gran’ and Nanny. GraNann.

Doesn’t that sound more exotic than Granny. Grand Mother would be acceptable but it’s too long. I wanted something that would be easy to remember and short. My grandmothers were Mamaw and MaMa. Hummm … .Did not want to be called either of those names.

Children need something special to call their grand parents so I thought I’d give them something I would enjoy being called. No telling what youthful minds would come up with. It could be something really bizarre.

OK. With that being said, I don’t have any grand children — yet that is. (It’s a long story. Probably like many of your stories; it’s best left to your imagination.)

Returning to the point: When I’m in the barn with my baby goats I realized that I really am a grand mother. Their mamas (the does) are the parents. I truly can enjoy the babies then leave them to their mothers. Oh blessed day. How comforting to realize their mama’s are waiting for me to leave so they could have their babies back.

Frequently babies need their hooves trimmed, need vaccinations, deworming, or handling of some sort. It’s best to handle them when they’re young so they’ll be used to me picking them up. Besides, I hate chasing critters. I always lose, get winded, trip and fall, or otherwise get frustrated. Trapping works, but having them come to me is the best.

I’m happy being Mom to their mothers. After all, they were last year’s babies. We all worked together getting them into this world. More than likely I held them to their mama’s teat so they could nurse. Or I milked her then fed them their ever so important colostrum.

I like being GraNann, especially with it comes time to feed the newborns every two/three hours. Seeing a newborn nurse on her mama is truly magic. The vision warms my heart and fills it with memories I will take to the grave with me.

Now you know why we named our company Gran’ Nanny’s. We are mother centric here and have dozens of grandmothers as well as great grandmothers. But we do let go when the babies are old enough. It’s time for them to move into someone else’s life and share the pleasure of Goat World. It’s  memorable place because they are incredible creatures.

If you’re lucky enough to have a goat, then you’re lucky enough. Bless you.


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