Take a day off

We took Sunday today off and loved it. Working from home has its benefits but it also has it drawbacks. Those of you who work from home know what I’m talking about.

On one hand I’m glad that I’m able to work from home; but, on the other hand, I’m always working when I’m at home. The sameness sort of closes in on me at times. Please don’t get me wrong, Working from home is a dream come true. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to have the freedom of working where ever I lived. I digress … .

Bob and I watched a movie while still in our jammies. Surrounded by sleeping dogs, we lounged around all morning and most of the afternoon. That’s a picture of our bliss.

We slowly ate breakfast around 2:00 p.m. After that we put on our barn duds on to go check our critters. Yesterday I noticed that one of our little goats had been limping. We caught him and discovered that his little leg was broken. I wrapped it temporarily and game him something for the pain. I’ll call a vet tomorrow so he can come set it properly.

I hate that I don’t know enough to give proper care for our goats. Studying veterinary technology is probably the one field of study I need the most. Self-taught book learning will have to do for now, though. I’ve had enough schooling.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not shy on college degrees. Unfortunately, none of them have anything to do with raising goats. But I did accomplish what most schooling should teach: I learned how to learn. I’ll hit the books on mending broken bones tomorrow.

I’m happy to learn the basics, but when it comes to diagnosing and prescribing medicine, I’ll leave that to the professionals. But everyone needs to know the basic first aid techniques — for humans, dogs, cats, and all the other species that you live with. After all, they’re counting on you — the human.

Did I say I took the day off? Well, make that the morning off. I’ve got to go take care of a little guy with a broken leg and feed his mama. Then I’ll figure my formula weights for tomorrow.

Happy soaping, Pat


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