Goat Milk Soap Gifts Available on WebSpecials

Each creamy colored metal bucket can double as a soap dish and comes with three goat milk soaps:

  • Maschio Motivo’s Espresso Caffé Latté,
  • Wayland’s Patchouli Plunge, and
  • Dean’s Orange Delight.

All three soaps are for combination skin types and contain essential oils for a gentle aroma-filled bath.

  • Our Maschio Motivo (Italian for Main Man; Bucky is our main man) Espresso Caffé Latte contains espresso coffee grounds for a special exfoliating feeling.
  • Wayland’s Patchouli Plunge fills your senses with a fresh herbaceous, earthy aroma; and
  • Dean’s Orange Delight completes the aromatic tones with a cleansing citrus scent.

Our goat milk is high in fats, proteins, and vitamins that naturally moisturize and enrich dry, sensitive skin.

Ingredients: saponified oils of shortening, palm, coconut, olive, corn & castor oils, goat milk, essentials oils, cocoa butter glycerin, borax, salt and sugar.

As a free gift, we’ve included a bathing puff and a gift tag for your convenience. To purchase these Goat Bucket Gifts, follow this link to our GoatMilkBath website.


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