Crochet Face Cloths and Coordinated Soap Savers

These face cloths are fun and easy to make. Starting with 4-ply 100 percent cotton, I chain stitch about 30 links. Turn then single crochet in each chain. SC one then, this is where the creative part comes in. You can either single crochet the entire cloth, or you could use a half-crochet or any other stitch you want. The main thing is to make the cloth as square as possible.

The sample is the photograph has a colored trim because I wanted more color. The coordinated flower and trim on the soap saver are made with the same colored trim. Mainly because it was fun.

The soap saver is a smaller square that I close to make a tube. About one inch from each end, weave the contrasting yarn through the stitches (like a draw string) so you can close the ends, keeping your soap pieces inside the saver.

This saver is a blessing in our household. The hubster doesn’t use the little pieces; they just stuck on the walls in the shower until they dissolve. This little saver has saved more than the soaps. (need I say more? … didn’t think so)

For more crochet gift ideas, visit my website. Enjoy!


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