Benefits of Goat Milk Soap

The secret is in the butter fats that get turned into soap during the saponification process. Saponification is the chemical reaction that turns liquid, lye, and oil into soap. Goat milk contains butter fat, water, lactose (a milk sugar), casein (proteins), and salts. But because goat milk is naturally homogenized, the butter fats and milk …

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Minding the Garden Muses

I've tried. I've REALLY tried. Honestly, I tried. But I can't help myself. The Garden Muses own me. They tug at me unceremoniously until they get what they want. This year they're making me improve our chicken yard. Since it's in our front yard having a welcoming area makes sense. Well, it's actually a chicken …

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Getting Away from it all

Toast Here's to getting away from it ALLLLLLL. We're on top of Stoney Mountain visiting the Stony Mountain Vineyards on this most beautiful day. The incredible day, breath-taking scenery, delightful wine = perfection. Fellowship and re-connecting with friends = priceless. You two made this getaway memorable. Please come again. We have more hideaways out here …

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