Soap Making Process

The process of making soap can make or break your soap batches. Having a formula/recipe is one thing but knowing how to put all those ingredients together makes a huge difference.

Soap Making Factory is Almost Operational

As usual one thing lead to another. After the leak was fixed we had to scrub, sweep, and mop every thing. I'm almost through cleaning ... but not quite. Whew, right now I'm glad my factory is kind of small. Fixing up the factory is taking tons of time and energy. But ohhhhhhh the finish …

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Remodeling Production Side of Our Factory

We've decided to take the time to remodel the factory area of our workshop. We found a leak in the space where I make soaps that needs to be fixed. That silly leak has not mended itself, Go figure. With all the wet weather we've had lately, it's just gotten larger. We're pulling a Holmes …

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Lavender Lotion soothes hands

Apply this lotion on your dry, chapped hands and feel the softness.  GraNann's Goat Milk Lotions do not leave a greasy or oily feeling on your skin because the oil is absorbed into your skin. I add shea butter in this product because it melts at body temperature taking the nutrient-rich ingredients into your skin. …

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Photos of soap making

Ingredients must be weighted for accuracy. Oils must be melted so they will blend together. Frozen goat milk and lye in early stages of blending. Always wear protective gloves and eye ware. Mixtures do get HOT. Final stage includes a water bath so the two pails will cool within 5 degrees of each other. Ingredients …

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New soaps are on the drying shelves

The new soaps are looking and smelling very good. Husband Bob checked 'em out last night. To us, 'checkin' 'em out' means touching, smelling, and seeing the soaps. (Although there is a 'taste' test for lye soaps, we don't do that. ughhhh) The hearing sense takes place when Bob purrs while he's investigating the newest …

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