Long hair donated to Wigs for Kids

Well, I did have a few hair cuts during those years. But it was always long. Will some one please tell me why men prefer long hair? Please!

My husband likes long hair so I accommodated him — for 29 years. For 29 years, I washed it, brushed it, braided it, and lugged it around. Had headaches because of the added weight on my head. Duh … .

He had no idea what a ‘big deal’ it was to care for. Hey, HE maintained his short hair cut. And, along the way, managed to loose a bit of hair. So HIS hair maintenance got easier while mine got longer and required more time and attention. Well, there was the obligatory pony tail. Vundebar, it was EZ.

Those of you with long hair know what I’m talking about. But he liked long hair so I accommodated him. Hummm … .

I finally found a value in having long hair. When I DID get it cut, I would cut off 12 inches then donate it to Wigs for Kids. This organization promises that the recipients incur NO costs. Wigs for Kids supplies hair to kids who have lost their hair because of chemotherapy treatments.

I donated a few lengths and was happy to do it. But after cutting 12 inches I realized how heavy my hair had become. Then I cracked. I HAD HAD ENOUGH! I went to my hair stylist, Chris, and told him to ‘cut if off’. Being cognisant of the shock one goes through with dramatic hair cuts, Chris cut just a bit more than usual. It wasn’t short enough.

The next visit it would be shorter. THIS time Chris got to the new program. Thank you, Chris!

My long hair time is over. For the next 29 years my hair will be short short short. Hey, it took me less than 10 minutes to wash my hair last night and it dried B4 I went to bed. With long hair, it would take hours and hours for my hair to dry.

May I encourage you long hair divas to donate some of your hair to Wigs for Kids. It is a worthy organization that guarantees NO COSTS to the recipients. Those folks have enough to deal with. Kids need your hair. Please help.


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