Our new barn frig broke on Christmas Eve

Darn, don’t you hate it when you purchase a new appliance only to have it STOP working when the freezer is FULL of food?!

It had worked for the past month but all of a sudden it decided to stop working. Luckily I checked it and was able to relocate all the meat so no food was lost.

Since it’s new, we were still under warranty. The service man arrived the next day, Christmas Eve, thank you very much.
As we escorted him to the uninsulated barn, he asked one question about the broken frig, “How cold was it in the barn when this frig stopped working?” Well, come to think of it, it was in the 20’s that day.

This man is good. He diagnosed the problem immediately. Outside the frig was colder than inside the frig so the sensors told it to turn off. hummm …

After installing a Garage Add-on, the frig was purring like a sleepy kitten. This Add-on warms the sensor just enough to keep it working year around, whether it’s in an insulated barn or not.

Don’t you have it when your frig is smarter than you.
We do.


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