Made new soaps yesterday

Right smack dab in the middle of making a soap batch yesterday, I noticed that I only had 3 ounces of Lavender EO. YIKES I need 6 ounces!!! !!!!

I’ve just GOT to do a better job of inventory management.

My fellow soapmakers know I had less than one minute to respond. Thinking while I was running to my EO vault, I quickly grabbed my Rosemary EO. OH NOOOOOOOOOO, it only had a smidgin in it. (A smidgin is defined as a way-lot-less than what you NEED.) All right, which EO blends well with Lavender and Rosemary … … … (think woman think) … Bergamot!

I grabbed a bottle. Whew … I finally ENOUGH EO to complete my batch.

Now, what will this blend smell like? Sigh .. It’s a good thing I’ve been reading about aromatherapy and had a handle on what to do next. Well, yes, of course I’m a professional. Ah … I’m sure I can duplicate this formula. Ah … yes, I’m sure. (Watch this batch be a big seller. That’s OK, I’ll figure it out.)

Well, the drama is over. It’s up to the nose now. I’ll slice the batch this afternoon and let you know about the fragrance tones. Stay tuned …


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