We’re almost out of crisis mode

After losing two goats last week we’ve been in crisis mode in getting the barns cleaned and I mean CLEAN. ALL the dirt,sand,debris has been removed. The sand has been replaced, limed, tilled and raked. New proceduers are in place for the health, safty, and welfare of the goats.

Yesterday we initiated an on-site laboratory to conduct McMasters testing procedures on each and every goat. Each goat will be medicated and monitored individually.

Needless to say, I went a little/lot crazy when we lost our babies to parasites. I hate that! Mainly because it can be avoided. grrrrrrrrr

Lessons Learned: Reduce the population, practice our FAMACHA training daily on each individual goat, monitor each goat closely, and keep the barns CLEAN.

Did I mention we have more helpers in the barns? On yes, I couldn’t do this by myself. We’re growing and need help.

Special thanks and memorial go to Rascal and Judd for helping us learn more about how to care for our goats. I’m learning that death is eventual for all farm animals. It is, however, critically important that we learn from each death so we can improve our herd’s health and help them grow stronger every year.


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