Vitamins absorve through your skin

Goat milk bath soaps and beauty lotions contain a rich supply of vitamins and minerals that absorbs into your skin. In particular, vitamin A nourishes various parts of your body: * Vision * Gene transcription * Immune function * Embryonic development and reproduction * Bone metabolism * Haematopoiesis * Skin health * Antioxidant activity Research …

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GraNann’s Goat Milk Lotions is new and improved

You talked -- we listened. You told me that you wanted lotion that would soften and moisturize your skin without exfoliating it. Soooooo, I've altered my formula so the lotions gently soak into your skin without the exfoliation. Healing olive oil is still our main oil so your skin has all of it's healing properties. …

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More milk is accumulating in GraNann’s freezer

Production will begin as soon as all the babies have landed, so to speak. We have one more doe in baby watch. As soon as her babies decide to join the Sleeping Dog Ranch herd, we're off and running into soap and lotion production. In the meantime, I've been focusing on getting the barn clean …

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We’ll be attending a few festivals this year

This is our first year to have them planned throughout the year. We're looking forward to meeting you and getting to know your preferences first hand. Please check out our Festivals schedule for more information. I'll update it often so it will be as accurate as possible. See you at the festivals!

Goat Milk Lotions by GraNann

Our goat milk lotions contain olive oil because its healing and soothing properties have been know for centuries. By combining goat milk with its moisturizing properties and olive with its nourishing properties, we offer an all natural lotion that soothes your dry, cracking skin. Bound together with emulsifying agents like goat milk protein fats and …

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Family is always first

Family is still the most important thing in the world to me. Like many of us, I lose sight of this from time to time: Thinking of my businesses, dogs, cats, chickens, goats, milking, laundry, and other day-to-day tidings. Absentmindedly focusing only on the now and could be, I was immediately reminded of family when …

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