Goat Milk Soap Nurtures Dry, Delicate Skin

Rich in emollients goat milk soap is a natural way of retaining your skin’s suppleness. With a higher number of milk fats being captured at the molecular level during the saponification (making soap) process, goat milk produces an oil-rich soap.

Increasing the oil-richness even more, we use goat milk noted for having a higher fat content than other goat breeds. Our Nubian goat milk contains 5 percent fat in addition to Vitamin A, Provitamin B5, Folic Acid (B9), C, D, E, and K — natural ingredients that nourish, condition, and moisturize your skin. Below describes the benefit of each vitamin:


  • Vitamin A improves collagen density, skin elasticity, tone, texture, lines and wrinkles, smoothes skin surface;
  • Provitamin B5 attracts moisture to hair and skin, and has regenerating and softening effects;
  • Vitamin C protects from oxidant damages, skin-lightening, anti-inflammatory effects, improves skin elasticity;
  • Vitamin D sustains healthy skin tissue;
  • Vitamin E protects from oxidant damages, is moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and offers healing & anti-aging effects;
  • Vitamin K is known for its blood coagulating properties; and
  • Folic acid (B9) is essential in healthy skin cell development, growth, and maintenance of new cells.


Every product we make at GraNann Spa Essentials (a division of Gran’ Nanny’s Goat Milk Soaps) begins with goat milk because we strongly believe in its benefits.

For Delicate, Baby Soft, or Elder Skin we recommend our Nurture Goat Milk Soaps. With Nurture Goat Milk Soaps, we’ve taken the holistic approach to skin care because I make it with only one oil: OLIVE OIL, known for centuries as a healing oil.

Unscented, Nurture Goat Milk Soaps are made with premium food-quality ingredients.

For more information about these all-natural holistic soaps, please visit our website.
Wishing you creamy, healthy skin,
Pat Allen, President


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