Learning how to care for your skin — naturally

I’m always looking for ways to improve my goat milk bath soaps and beauty lotions. I do this by reading, and reading, and reading. Dozens of books and articles on skin care surround my desk. Emails clutter my desktop because they have skin care tips that I want to pass on to you — my customers.

Knowing how to care for my skin means more to me today than it did twenty years ago. You know, before the wrinkles and sagging muscles became visible. It’s amazing how invincible we were back then. Tanning and experimenting with different foods and drinks was so much more fun than eating well and caring for myself.

My skin is paying for it now. That’s why started a goat milk bath soaps and beauty lotion business. All of my products are developed after considerable, in-depth research. We research everything by a variety of research techniques: Anecdotal, statistical, and scientific research methodologies are all helpful.

I learned how to learn when working on my first graduate degree.But more importantly, I learned how to gain creditable knowledge. That’s exactly what I’ve done with soapmaking and lotion making. Now I want to take my knowledge on natural skin care to a higher level. And I’d like to take you along with me as I learn from the masters.

We’ll study work from professionals who have dedicated their careers to natural skin care. Academicians who educate technicians and trend setters who monitor consumer needs are continually producing research papers on their subjects. During this journey we’ll identify people who have raised the bar on skin care knowledge — in lay terms.

My plan is to share the highlights of my research with you. Here’s the rub: I want to gain this knowledge so I can improve my goat milk bath and beauty products. So, the information will be biased. I will, however, let you know what I’ll be studying so you can to get the materials for yourself, if you want.

The first text we’ll study is a book by Stephanie Tourles named Naturally Healthy Skin: Tips and Techniques for a lifetime of Radiant Skin.

My next blog will cover Chapter One.


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