How important is it that the merchandise you receive match the photo on the web site?

I ask because I’m always experimenting with designs, new colors, textures, exfoliates, and sizes. Swirls are my passion now and will be until I master them. Then I’ll move onto another design challenge.

How would be the best way to convey my designs to you without upsetting you as customers?

My formulas are pretty much established; that is, until I learn of a different oil combination that improves our products significantly. The industry is bursting with creative people. All of us love our craft and want to make the best products possible. The goats are pretty set in their ways (whew that’s a good thing).

But aromatherapists and suppliers are constantly inventing new products or finding new suppliers.

The industry changes frequently. Tell me the best way to communicate with you about our products:

Should I update my website with every new batch?
Should I remove individual photographs and just have a photo composite of our products?

Please let me hear from you on what you expect.


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