Gran’ Nanny’s Goat Milk Soaps LOGO

We’re unveiling the logo for our companies. We have two: One is for our goat milk soaps; while the other is for our goats.

We raise Nubian dairy goats for sale. That is after the babies have been weaned. In some cases, the mama and baby will be sold together. It depends on what you’re looking for. I seldom milk the does because our freezers are full. My does give me plenty of milk in addition to them nursing their babies.

I’m amazed at how many requests I get for goats in-milk. That’s why I started selling the does. I want to supply what you want. Along with the sale of a goat, I also share a list of my resources for goat management tips, soap making, and cheese making. While I don’t make cheese for resale, I do make it for friends and family.

Even though most of our does in-milk are for sale. We do keep our retired ladies as well as a few of our favorite friends. Our goats have taken good care of us, it’s our time to return the favor.

To check out our sale goats, please visit our website:
Sleeping Dog Ranch – Goats


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