Healing Properties of Goat Milk Olive Oil Soap – Our Nutrure Products

Because the healing properties of olive oil have been known for centuries, I wanted to make a goat milk soap with as much olive oil in it as possible. But saponification (making soap) can be a tricky process; the ingredients must be balanced correctly or the soap could be too hot and burn your skin or too gooey and slime your skin, or too oily and float on your skin. Precision is important.

Goat milk has so much to offer your skin that I wanted to enhance its vitamins and minerals with a comparable oil. It took some doing; but, I figured it out. Our goat milk and olive oil products offer the gentleness of olives balanced with the richness of goat milk minerals, proteins, and vitamins.

Developed for the most delicate skin types, our Nurture product line is made with a 100 percent olive oil base. This pH balanced, creamy soap is the most gentle soap available. It is also our softest and therefore must be kept dry when not in use or it will dissolve prematurely.

I initially made this product for our mothers: one is 86 and the other is 92. Both have thin, delicate skin that is sensitive to cleansing chemicals and harsh environmental drying conditions.

Our Nurture product line contains only three ingredients: olive oil, goat milk, and lye. Yes, lye is required to make soap; otherwise, you’d have a oily milky gooooo that would sour over time. But the process of making soap, saponification, transforms these three ingredients into soap. As ingredients, they ALL change.The oil is no more. The milk is no more. All three ingredients are now soap. Isn’t chemistry fun! I love it. No, the milk does not sour because it is now soap.

All of our Nurture skin care products are made with a goat milk and olive oil base. Additives are selected to produce special benefits like exfoliation with finely ground oat meal or detoxification with Dead Sea Salt. But keeping our Nurture products soft and gentle for delicate skin is our primary directive.


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