Working Festivals and Meeting Customers are Fun Times

Attending the Badin Heritage Festival in Badin, NC was tons of fun. I met folks who enjoyed handmade soaps, folks who had heard of goat milk soap, and those who hadn’t.

All of us had a fun day! The weather was wonderful, the location on the Badin Museum front yard was perfect, Natalie (goat) was a super lady who allowed oodles of new friends to pet her, and the teenagers took care of each other, the goat, and me. To all of you, Many Thanks.

I truly enjoyed chatting with new customers about their skin care challenges and the benefits that our goat milk bath and beauty products offer. We had a few laughs together, told a few stories, and shared many skin care tips.

For those of you who needed the soap badly enough to take it without paying for it, please be my guest. I have an advertising budget and hand out samples all the time. All you had to do was ask. Parents please keep an eye on your children. Often ‘getting away with it’ is a game – in their youth. Unfortunately, that game grows to be harmful.

We will improve our security. We have just now begun working festivals and are improving our management skills with every event. We at Gran’ Nanny’s are big on lessons learned instead of fault or blame.

Unfortunately, most lessons learned follow after the death of one of our beloved goats. When a goat dies, we have a responsibility to everyone else to learn why and then improve our procedures and methodology so that the same event doesn’t happen again.

I’m working on our festival schedule for the season and will publish it as soon as a few more decisions are made.

We look forward to meeting you, talking with you about the benefits of goat milk soap and listening to your suggestions for future products.

I love hearing your goat stories. It’s amazing how many folks have had goats in their youth. Aren’t they incredible, inquisitive creatures!

Happy soaping!
Pat Allen, President
Gran’ Nanny’s Goat Milk Soaps


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