How important is it that the soap you purchase match the photograph on the web?

I ask because I’m always experimenting with designs, colors, textures, exfoliates, and sizes. Swirls are my passion now and will be until I master them. Then I’ll move onto another design challenge. How would be the best way to convey my designs to you? More than likely every batch I make will be different from the last because soap making is wonderfully creative.

Here are two examples of how our products have improved.
The first two photographs are of our Minnie’s Goat Milk Olive Oil Soap, the black and white photo was one of my earliest batches and before we had a color printer; whereas, the teal colored photo was taken with our new packaging design.

The differences between the two involve labeling and packaging. We now have a color laser printer; labels are laminated; and all soaps are shrink-wrapped for cleanliness.

Example two: The forsythia background showcases one my earliest batches of Bucky’s Bergamot Bar whereas the blue swirl design in the fourth photograph is my latest batch of bergamot. In addition to new labeling/packaging, we have a better photograph of Bucky (our main man).

Here’s my quandary, I’m not sure what the next batches of these products, and others, will look like — not for sure anyway.
My formulas are pretty much established; that is, until I learn of a different oil combination that is better for your skin.

The industry is bursting with creative people. All of us love our craft and want to make the best products possible. The goats are pretty set in their ways (that’s a good thing). We feed them fresh hay, green grasses, grain, fresh water and treats galore. They’re a lot like me; feed me and I’m happy.

But aromatherapists and suppliers are constantly inventing new products, finding new suppliers. The industry changes frequently. Tell me the best way to communicate with you about our products:
  • Should I update my website with every new batch?
  • Should I remove individual photographs and just have a photo composite of our products?
Please let me hear from you on what you expect when you purchase merchandise online. I look forward to hearing from you,
Pat Allen



2 thoughts on “How important is it that the soap you purchase match the photograph on the web?

  1. Pat, I post a general statement on the website that natural soap color can vary from batch to batch (briefly explain why). Unless the pattern/color of the soap changes drastically, I use the original photograph.

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