Soaps available at God’s Country Outfitters in Albemarle, NC

Hello Everyone:

Gran’ Nanny’s Goat Milk Soaps are available at God’s Country Outfitters; 1454 Highway 52, Albemarle, next door to Gold’s Gym. You know, where the old Big Lots used to be! Easy parking!

For you ‘last-minute-shoppers’ many products have been wrapped as gifts. All you gotta do is Grab and Go.

* Our new goat milk lotion has been showcased in a Christmas display (look for Earlene’s Emotion Lotion)
* Many soaps have been wrapped as ‘ornaments’ (great stocking stuffers)
* Classic cut glass bowls have been arranged as soap dishes;
* Wooden dishes have been personally designed to represent bamboo soap dishes; and
* Packages have personalized tags … all you gotta do is write the receiver’s name in.

How EZ can it be!

Look for this display …

Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas


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