We’ll be attending a few festivals this year

This is our first year to have them planned throughout the year. We're looking forward to meeting you and getting to know your preferences first hand. Please check out our Festivals schedule for more information. I'll update it often so it will be as accurate as possible. See you at the festivals!

Crochet Face Cloth Sets

You'd be amazed at how bathing with a hand made crochet cloth enhances your bathing experience. That's why I make them. I use 100 percent 4-ply worsted cotton yarn for its softness and durability. Please allow for normal 100 percent cotton sizing and/or shrinkage. Do not wash in hot water, it dries out your skin. …

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Benefits of Goat Milk Soap

The secret is in the butter fats that get turned into soap during the saponification process. Saponification is the chemical reaction that turns liquid, lye, and oil into soap. Goat milk contains butter fat, water, lactose (a milk sugar), casein (proteins), and salts. But because goat milk is naturally homogenized, the butter fats and milk …

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Goat Milk Lotions by GraNann

Our goat milk lotions contain olive oil because its healing and soothing properties have been know for centuries. By combining goat milk with its moisturizing properties and olive with its nourishing properties, we offer an all natural lotion that soothes your dry, cracking skin. Bound together with emulsifying agents like goat milk protein fats and …

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Healing Properties of Goat Milk Olive Oil Soap – Our Nutrure Products

Because the healing properties of olive oil have been known for centuries, I wanted to make a goat milk soap with as much olive oil in it as possible. But saponification (making soap) can be a tricky process; the ingredients must be balanced correctly or the soap could be too hot and burn your skin …

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Minding the Garden Muses

I've tried. I've REALLY tried. Honestly, I tried. But I can't help myself. The Garden Muses own me. They tug at me unceremoniously until they get what they want. This year they're making me improve our chicken yard. Since it's in our front yard having a welcoming area makes sense. Well, it's actually a chicken …

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