Toxic plants and goats

We recently learned that Johnson grass can be toxic in drought conditions. This too, may be contributed to their demise. We're now making a conscious effort to remove all toxic plants from our pastures before releasing the goats. Contrary to popular belief, goats cannot eat everything and anything. Our goats produce milk that we use …

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Our first teachers

Getting our first goats was an anxious time, but we were ready. Their shed and fenced area was ready. They had water troughs, feed, and hay. Getting their area ready was work but ... we had been living on the ranch for almost a year and only had a few chickens. It was time to …

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Ivan makes his appearance

This is a photo of this season's last baby. First-time mama, Reba, delivered a handsome BOY July 12th. Isn't he adorable!!?!?!!?!?! His name is Ivan, after a Nobel Prize winner in Medicine (why not start BIG), and he is another apple of our eye. Since this photo was taken, ALL the babies have grown and …

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